anglo saxon guide


Let's say that you found yourself in AD 600. Could you survive?


What do you know about these years?


Do you know what to wear, how to train with weapons, what food to grow and how to cook it.

This Guide will build up over the coming months to cover all that and more.

Welcome to 60O AD ...


Begin here: Overview of the Anglo Saxons

Here is another article on the Origins of the English (in my blog so click back to come here)


Index of Subject pages





Various other articles. These links take you to my blog so press back to come back here:


The Anglo-Saxon use of Runes


How much is an ear worth? The Law in Anglo-Saxon Times


What did the Anglo-Saxons call the Stars and Planets?


Early Anglo Saxon Clothing


Ships in the 6th and 7th Century


The first word in English


Northern Britain 580 to 597 – The genesis of Northumbria


How a Knife became the name of a people


The orgins of the English


The Saxon days of the Week Sunday and Monday ; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday, Friday and Saturday


Anglo-Saxon Runes


Musical Instruments in Anglo-Saxon England




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