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Information on warfare in Anglo Saxon times:


These times are harsh and brutal. From around 8 years of age boys would start to learn how to fight. The day might not be far off when they may need to pick up sword or spear to defend their village or join the Fyrd in repelling raiders. Do you know how to hold a sword, how armies are organised and the traditions and rules you have to obey? Read on.


The Battle of Maldon (in LEGO!)

The following sections have live content:


Arms and Armour

Rituals and Traditions in Warfare

Slings and Arrows

Battle of Maldon –

August 10th 991

Battle of Ashdown -

January 8th 871






More Reading

In researching The Amber Treasure I consulted these books about Warfare:

The English Warrior: Stephen Pollington - Anglo Saxon Books
Warriors of the Dark Ages: Jenniffer Laing - Sutton
Anglo Saxon Weapons and Warfare: Richard Underwood - Tempus

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