Recommended Sites:

Helen Hollick - a wonderful writer of historical fiction.

Jo Field - fantastic copy-editor.

Avalon Graphics - talented artist and book cover designer.

New Writers UK - If you want advice and help getting started with writing.


Writers and book publicity sites

Goodreads - Meet fellow readers

Shelfari - What books are on your shelf

Kindle Boards All things Kindle

Wattpad - Ebook samples

Authors2you - Showcase for authors and small press publishers



Scifi Sites:

SFF Chronicles Science Fiction Fantasy Chronicles

Fantasy Fiction Forum

BSFA British Science Fiction Association


Historical Fact and Fiction Sites

The Ruin and Conquest of Britain 400 A.D. -- 600 A.D.

Anglo-Saxon Norse and Celtic


Sally Wilde

English Period Authors - a blog I am involved with

School History Teacher Forum


Medieval History

Senchus - Site about early medieval Scotland

Book Blogs and Publishing Sites:

Independent Publishing Awards

Self Publishing Magazine


Books for Teens


Above Average Below Special


The Book Bag


Young Adult Books Reviewed

Asamum Booktopia

Once Upon a Bookcase

Funky Book Stop

That's What Liz Read


Miscellaneous Links:

For more on Great Fire: London 1666 (the board game): Medusa Games
Find out more about UK Games Expo: UK Games Expo


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