The Northern Crown Series



Book 1: The Amber Treasure

Published 2009

Book 2: Chid of Loki

Published 2012

Book 3: Princes in Exile

Published 2013


Book 4: The White Chariot

Published 2016

Book 5: Kith and Kin

Published 2020

Book 6:

Publication date TBC

Historical Fiction in Dark Ages Britain
...all good stories are about a sword.


The Northern Crown series follows the story of a young nobleman - Cerdic as he lives through the darkest years of the Dark Ages. Through his eyes we witness the climatic events that forged the nations of Britain. The series begns in 580 - the year of his birth. By the end of book 5 the story has reached the year 612.


Explore the darkest years of the dark ages with Cerdic.


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