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Food and drink in Anglo Saxon times

You must eat to live.

Let's look at what the Anglo Saxons cooked and ate as well as how they cooked it.


Top Tips

1.For the Anglo Saxons the main meal of day was lunch time, whereas the evening meal more often was a type of broth called Briw

2.Although most cooking was done by women, a specialist Cook would be usually have been a man. Indeed in Old English the word for Cook is a male word : cóc from which we get todays modern english word.

3.The Saxons did not have potatoes - so no chips or fries!

4. The main drink for everyone would be weak beer or mead (a drink made from honey).

What do you mean you don't have any matches?

Find out about methods of cooking (fires, ovens how our ancestors cooked meat, bread and vegetables)

Would you like to see the menu?

food and drink

Read about what food the Anglo Saxons ate.

I would like semi skimmed please.


Find out about Milk, Butter and cheese production

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